Zombies bounties are not handing out rewards

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Start a solo private match then die it works for me an couple others 

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I know the feeling, Mine last week was for 250 salvafe and 60 keys, this weeks is 500 salvage and 30 keys, didn't get that, so let's see...Activision owes me 750 salvage and 90 keys you have one week Activision, a multi billion dollar company and yet you face this many issues with so little fix, where have I seen this before? OH FEMA Slow to respond and not a lot of satisfying results. FIX YOUR GAME, Stop adding new stuff and fix the stuff that is broken!

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Me too now the bountie has expired and only got the reward for one when I completed 4 this is ridiculous 


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I also have completed both bounties this week and haven't received 500 salvage and 30 keys. Have joined multiple matches since completing and still have nothing.


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I'm having the same issue, owed 500salvage from zombie bounties, 1000 kills with assult rifle. Help

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i would like compensating 

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Same with me this week. I am supposed to receive 30 keys from 500 LMG kills and 500 salvage from 200 axe kills, bringing me from 1096 to 1596 salvage, and from 1 key to 31. I completed both bounties and neither of them have ever paid out. WTH.

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I'm having same issue I havent received last 3 contract prizes 🖕🖕🖕

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I have also completed my Willard's Bounty (60 keys) but am yet to recieve my Reward. Ps4 Chand24_  I hope this issue is resolved quickly.

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Start a privat solo zombie game, die, and after you get your bounties.

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