Cant find match on dlc maps anylonger

Infinite Warfare Xbox One


I cant find a match on dlc maps anymore. Didnt use to have a problem, played since the release, but since 5-6 weeks ago, i can only find tdm matches on the original maps. 

I have open Nat, port 3074, dns 8888 8844, 100mbit conection, 0 % package loss, no router - plugged directly to ips box (which a i also cleared cache, unplugged etc). 

Ive tried to reinstall both dlc packs and game several times.

Ive cleared cache, Mac adress and localy saved games but nothing. I find 1 or 2 players and then the game "looking for more players" endlesly. 

The only thing i have not tried yet is factory settings on the console. 

Maps works fine in custom game. 




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