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Infinite Warfare Xbox One


                                                                         Same S* Different Game!!!!!!!!


Can someone riddle me this.. How come I can never get randoms that can get at least 10/15 kills? Actually how come COD cannot give me teammates that know how to wipe their own ass? Im tired of playing HC DOM and being the only one to go close to positive. For example, I went 30-10 today and the next closest was 8-23. Fix your game. Hitmarkers are a joke. There should be no way I get the first two bullets off, and end up dying from one shot. 


Anyone who did read this and wants to party up my XB1 gamertag is x870x INo Lif3. After 8:00 pm Central, usually have 3 plus with all over 1.5 KDs. I have a 2.06. So if you are somewhat above average please send me a message. 



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