DONT BUY Multiplayer is NOT ready for realsed still beta testing

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

multiplayer is still in beta testing it seems laod times are forever if you lucky to get connected to xbox live servers once in a game after it ends u can leave the score board is up way to long and u cant skip past it and then it just throws u into another game with the same people. cant leave after games end to your classes

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Yep, haven't been able to connect yesterday nor today...

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yes same here just go get money back on the game and just wait till back friday LOL and buy it then ***** this game 

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The servers are just down since they fixing bugs,chill out


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You would think that after being out for a year the game would be ready for multi-player but you're right, still crap servers full of lag and maps full of glitches.  I guess it's time to go try out WWII... oh wait, it's been down too!  Anyone see a pattern?  Troubled game release, followed by 11 months of aggravation over lag, matchmaking, map glitches, lack of policy enforcement, and the constant micro purchase shoved down your throat?!


<and yes I know you were talking about WWII but this is the IW forum Man Wink>

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This game sucks. It's as if they tried to make it suck as much as Battlefield........and succeeded. Lag OVER-compensation at it's best, like I expected, useless, rediculous care drops, slow and clunky controls......with exception to graphics, there is no improvement over MW-1. They are incapable of improving the multiplayer experience, and I don't think anyone cares. This one is going back to GameStop because I could spend my money better if it were spent on ANYTHING. Flood stores with used returns, and nobody will buy new versions.

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