Directors cut camo for multiplayer guns

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

After the update today I was working on my Raijin-EMX camos in multiplayer and noticed there was a new camo section called zombies, I opened it up and noticed there was a camo called directors cut which was unlocked. I dont play zombies so theres no way I  unlocked it.. Its the only gun in multiplayer that its unlocked for. All other weapons say unlock by completing directors cut with no  description on how to complete it on both multiplayer and zombies.


can someone explain how I would go about unlocking the directors cut camo for multiplayer weapons? 

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I was playing IW tonight and I noticed I had the camo unlocked for the same gun. When I went to see if any of my other guns had them the camo said it was locked and that it could only be unlocked once you completed the Directors Cut Easter egg. And I am in Xbox so I won't get the DLC for another month.

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In order to get that camo you have to complete all 5 Easter eggs on all 5 maps in zombies when you do that you will unlock directors cuz mode then you have to beat all 5 Easter eggs again witch will unlock the super Easter egg once you beat him you will get the directors cut camo on multiplayer

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ya same here but i play zombies but i dont do the EE so dont know why we have it but dont look a gift horse in the mouth

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