Disconnected from sever after every game I do well on. Wasting my time and double XP. BULLS***

Infinite Warfare Xbox One


This is getting ridiculous, I get disconnected from every single match that I do well on and I'm wasting my time and not progressing in the game at all. I honestly can't believe that this is still happening this many days after launch. Seriously considering refunding my game. Sick of wasting my time on a game that doesn't even work.    

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yes same here iam on the phone right now with xbox live getting my £85.00 back on the game is so brock stay way from it 

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I'm getting this a lot too but supposedly there was a patch last night to fix it.  Unfortunately a lot are posting that after the patch the problem persists.


You can read about it here on the official Activision/CoD forums...



I'd also like to note that there is actually a WWII area of these unofficial boards and this post is out of place.

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