HOW Come I can't KILL Anyone

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

this game is ridiculous! i am ready to uninstall pos


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Uninstall, and go trade it in for Battlefield 1, you won't regret it.

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@rogue__operative wrote:

Uninstall, and go trade it in for Battlefield 1, you won't regret it.


Is Battlefield any good? Actually thinking about getting it.

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blows doors on cod ww2


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yes battelfield is better but still has pantywaste ritch kids that some how are able to get the best that money can buy.lmao

@rogue__operative wrote:

Uninstall, and go trade it in for Battlefield 1, you won't regret it.


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maybe your just bad at the game?


or maybe you should be a little more detailed on your problem so someone can help you instead of just throwing a fit

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Sorry to hear your having this issue.

Have you tried resetting your router?

Is your Nat type on Open?

Many factors come into why your unable to kill a player. Connection does help, however isn't key.

Try aim for the head, maybe that will help?

More details would be great.
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I've had the same issue since release. Game does not run well like Black Ops 3. I have gone from avg 1.65 KD in most cod games to about 0.69 in IW. By far the worst and hardest game of them all. NOT due to lack of my skill or anything. I think if I'm good in BO3 I should be decent in IW. 


I hsve brought it up with Activision countless times. Know what I get? Same question what console? What is your connection wired or not wired? Like a robot asking me. I give same response.  Wired, Fibre Op 100 Mbps download plus, NAT Open. Yet I'm dead as soon as I see anyone instantly. This did not happen with other COD games. At least the gunfights were fair. If I missed I missed but I shoot first or and get more shots fairly I win. Post to Infinity Ward nothing but ignorance. I look online Reddit,Twitter,forums and what do I see?  Many complaining. 


What is it? Lag Comp, your servers. I don't want to be insultive because I think as professional developers the skill to be great is there. I won't touch on all the other awful aspects of the game but please for crying out loud don't make me feel like I wasted over 160 plus bucks on this to just go on play but the game run like garbage.  Fix the servers adjust the lag comp or whatever it is you need to do so it runs more like BO3 at the very least.  


I bet just just like everywhere else this will continue to be ignored lack of response and lack of a proper update to fix this game.  Seriously what happened? Sure the employees have changed since MW series but surely the skill in training and tech put into the games shouldn't change. 

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Bro, i on the other hand, have been doing great in IW as aposed to BO3, in IW i average 1.08 KD and in BO3 im at 0.99KD,this game is similar to BO3 but different in many other aspects, i do agree though that the servers need to be fixed pronto, 3 games out of 10 i have to quit cos i get shot from around the corner,when that is fixed and the other issues for the leaderboards and game mechanics such as weapons balancing then we will have a game that can be matched with its predecessors, so word of advice bro, if you see your shots arent connecting just back out and search for another match that has a better feedback for your hit markers,thats all we can do for now until they fix this, 100 plus bucks for issues isnt cool,its not the devs fault its the publishers fault for keeping them in the box, lets see what happens on the next update,...cheers!

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away ye go yer just *****e at the game hahahahahahahahahaha yer dad sells avon
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