HOW Come I can't KILL Anyone

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

Same problems here, taking full reaver mags point blank to kill. They probably want it to die though, so the devs can concentrate on their next crap fest

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I am experiencing the EXACT same issue! I can’t kill anyone. My ekia/death ratio is well below 1.0. I have logged over 20hours of game time and I have only called in about 5 score streaks total. It’s insane that this game is this way. I empty clips into ppl and they don’t die. Yet I get melted in 3-5 bullets. I aim for the head and still no different of a result. I am at level 40, tried multiple guns with different attachments and NOTHING works. I always finish in last place on the score sheet no matter the game mode. 

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Do not despair.  Activision will explain to you that the root cause of this is undoubtedly your in game SUCKY performance.  SAVE your time and don't post.  It's a waste of time.



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I find myself playing less and less and rage quitting more and more, the game is very unstable.Until dedicated servers are on every street corner this will continue to be a problem. They definitely changed something since BO3, I never had a laggy game up until BO3, then it went haywire. My network has been done time and time again, still no change....



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Yoo same issue as me, black ops 3 was just so bad, I couldnt even get into a game. I installed IW this morning about 1am, and since then until 5pm I could only finish two games, and I was recording it all. The connection issues sort of fixed up about an hour ago tho..


but then again, connection wont be the only factor in not killing anyone, my BO3 KD was 0.6, solid ping of 400. Ex comp player with a KD of 3+ on BO2 and Ghosts so I knew it wasn't me that was bad lmao. Connection fixed up and it went to a 2.2... sooooooo maybe try and fix the connection and try and get good in the process? Idk

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Bf1 far better multi player... I should of known better buying another COD .. lag , rubber banding..I will say I enjoyed the campaign. But multi is useless.

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