NAT type MODERATE only in Call Of Duty games

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

Disabled SPI Firewall in Router settings.

Created Static IP address for Xbox One.

Port forwarded as follows: 

  • TCP:    80
  • UDP:    88, 500, 3544, 4500
  • TCP and UDP:  53, 3074

Console wired to Router.

Only thing I haven't done, that I can think of, is the DMZ thing, but pretty sure that puts your console at risk.


Xbox One reports: "NAT Type Open" through mutiple resets.

Checked my NAT type through the game "Ghost Recon: Wildlands", which also reports it as open.

Only in Call of Duty games (MWR and WW2) my NAT type appears as moderate.


Does that man, that my NAT type is either moderate or open? Or does it mean that it's on Activisions side that the problem lies? It sure has been a frustrating experience getting this far, so an answer would be awesome. 


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The call of duty games require different ports


First of all xbox live itself only requires port 3074.

Those other ports you forwarded are unnessesary.


And secondly for call of duty you should also forward ports 3075 and 3076

BO3 needs 3075 and the other CODS require 3076


So forward  ports 3074, 3075 and 3076 and you should have an open NAT in both the xbox dashboard and all the CODS

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Mine is exactly how your saying it an it still won't work so that is not true 

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