Noticed! MP guy in lobby his team always wins, other side will lag guaranteed?

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

I have noticed ever since the last update every time I get a MP guy in the lobby his team will always win, why is this? If I am on his team it seems my service is top notch, but if I am on the rival side it seems to lag!

when I am in a lobby with no MP,s I have steady regular games.

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It's more like him being the host of the match where there's no lag on his end.
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Maybe its just because he's played the game A LOT longer than you and he wins the game for his team? LOL I can't believe this is a serious post. Your version of lag is someone good beating you.
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Plus the many cheats who are using the latest Y-Tube  downloads to seriously annoy genuine players of this game. and before anyone say they dont exist try having a look, i did`nt believe it at first but was amazed on how many there are on all platforms for this game, ridiculous .

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Cheats on all platforms? I only play on the Xbox but, I don't believe I've ever come across a cheat on this platform. Sometimes I feel like everyone is cheating but me. But, I realize I'm just not good at the game. (.55 KD in IW and around .6 in BO3 but still amazing fun!)


But, seriously. Are people able to hack COD games on the Xbox? It's apparent that the computer gamers have tons of hackers but I just assumed they couldn't screw it up for the rest of us via Xbox. I'm new to gaming having gotten an Xbox for Chrismas a few years ago, so this might account for some ignorance on my part. Or possibly all of it.

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I must confess i  never believed it whenever i read a comment or thread that cheats or hacks could be used on the Xbox one, but after watching several Y-Tube videos recently which you should check out yourself,you will see that they are out there, its these gamers that spoil it for others,

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You do realize it's click bait right? They put PS4 and Xbox one and then show pc gameplay. In BO3 they would write hacks and cheats for PS4 and Xbox one then the gameplay would be on Xbox 360 or PS3. 

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Sent you a private message buddy.
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I think we would all be naive at this point not to think players hack xbox one, I never thought that it could be, but I really just find that hard to believe.

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there is all kinds of BS out there now for PS and XBOX one to cheap. im not going to post the links cause im not going to make it easier for anyone but google is everyones friend


you have lag switch that plugs into your mic port. now $19.95 and up on all kinds of sites


you have titan usb that does all kinds of crap even has full auto aim that works $69.99


you have the under button extension pack that connects to the usb port on the controller. no auto aim, but it has jitter mod, turns any single shot weapons into full auto, full auto weapons into no recoil and you can set combinations to one button $29.99


under xbox live terms of use they are not inforcing cheating or mods because the xbox its self is not modified

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