Please Fix the Spawns and Hardcore

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

OMG, the spawn points in this game is absolutley horriffic.  I dont even play when facing a group of 4 or more.  I am seeing more and more groups not moving, but just posted up at spawn point line of sites, and just picking off players right when they spawn.  Also, frequently giving gift deaths by literally spawing within arms reach of an enemy.  I feel it will lead to more people just staying camped in the back of the map during matches.   


Also, what is up with all of the hit markers in hardcore?  It is really bad.  I shouldnt have to hit someone 3 to 4 times to get a kill in hardcore.  


Hopefully it is fixed soon.  It is getting super frustrating. 

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100% agree with everything you said. I'm not even going to play until they fix that crap

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