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Could you please send me the cipher

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Please tell me what it is


meh who cares
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can i get the code please

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hahaha i cant belive this dumb post is turning into one of the biggest threads on this formum HASHTAG GUNTOHEAD o_0


let me add some fuel to the fire. maybe there is some info in here:

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Add me as a friend demon66610 Xbox one
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can you give my the code

my instagram is Olivierlooptoverwater

please dm the code 

@Riftviizionz wrote:

I have found the code omg 😲 all I have to say is wow I don't want to say what it is in the community beacues some people are still trying to find it if you want to know what it is meassge me

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Hey bro, can you please share the code with me.

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I would like to know the quartermaster cipher code please

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Look how many beggers you simply mind fu*^#d!! I think you accomplished what you were trying to do.  

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Can you send me the code please

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