Infinite Warfare Xbox One

i am very unhappy about this game, i pre-ordered the digital copy of WW2 and downloaded ready to play on day one, i decided to set up a new gamer tag especially for the game, i bought the deluxe addition with season pass, i played the game for the first couple of weeks and prestiged once, then a couple of days ago you launched COD points and my friends said that i should have some free points and rewards, but when i looked nothing was there, i checked and it said i had not purchased the season pass ? so i reloaed into the game on my normal gamer tag and the season pass etc was on the account - now i have 2 choices, use my original game tag and start completely from the start or by another season pass for the gamer tag i have ranked up on !!! i bought the digital copy for my XBox, not my gamer tag, i should get the full benefits of the game i have bought whichever gamer tag i use ? i am really gutted about this, why can i load the game under both profiles but only one has the season pass ? is this a glitch ? please can you let me know what the issue is - Thanks Dave

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Sign in with the account u bought season pass on and then sign in to your prestiged account after. You will be playing on the prestiged account but will be signed in on the account u bought it with and will be able to access season pass content.

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