Shouldn't have a lost on stats for losing connection to host

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

It's driving me nuts as it keeps happening I seem to lose connection to host I wouldn't mind but every time it does it, it puts a lost on my stats. I never had a problem on PS4 and I didn't at the start when I swapped to Xbox one but the past couple of months or something I'll be in a game it will go weird then knocks me back to lobby saying I lost connection to host. It's even put me back in the same lobby I got knocked out of sometimes. I know it's not my connection I don't have problems with other games and I've even restarted my router numerous times but same thing happens so I think it's down to the game it needs sorting out or at least change it to where you dont get a lost on your stats if I went out the lobby myself or I lost the game I can understand that but getting kick out which you have no control over it shouldn't put a lost on your stats. It's doing my heading now so infinity ward or whoever reads these sort it out please.

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