Infinite Warfare Xbox One

I know everyone wants to play but theres no way activision could have ever possibly known how popular this game would be. They defienitely havent had any record breaking sales or population counts in Call of Duty launch weekend servers. No way they could have predicted people would want to play when the game came out.


Dont let the negativity get to you guys, activision.



Also ***** you, activision.

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"WWII service is not available at this time"


Can't wait untill Call of Duty: WWII comes out. Looks like it'll be a blast. Having trouble remembering what day it comes out though...

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its not like they dont see the amount of pre orders and pre purchases? really dude they know they are just happy they got there money thast why you dont hear a peep from them now. they could have tested the servers by doing more beta and bigger beta testing 

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are you kidding???every year theres some problem with these cod games.think thats me done with them!

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Why the hell is this player hosted instead of on dedicated servers. We were supposed to be utilizing dedicated serfvers on most games by now. What happened?????? This games multiplayer is atrocious due to aggregious lag and related hit detection. Why would I pay an annual fee to have you dicks hand me this garbage?! I'm once again firious that I was tricked into paying for another aweful game. FU Microsoft, Activision, and Slefdgehammer. There literally hasn't been a decent multiplayer game released since Titanfall in early 2014. You should be ashamed. I am for wasting money on this.

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