Type-2 epic unknown variant

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

Yesterday I received a Type-2 Epic variant with some japanese name. I love the gun but cannot find any info online about it.

gives 'Mo money' (higher XP per kill), shoots further and is MKII so also 15% bonus on XP.


anyone familiar with this beauty?

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First would recommend u put this topic in Infinite Warfare General Discusion, Because its listed in Xbox One forums which makes it a limited amount of people can see this topic. Next "Mo Money" Doesn't give u "(Higher XP per kill)", It gives u an Metal whcih gives u +50 XP per kill besides the XP u get from the kill and the MKII which gives u 15% extra XP. 30% extra XP if ur Master Presitge 15 in Mutiplayer. Finally The Type Vairnet u got should be called "Type 2 Tango" If I remeber correctly becuase Its something like that I know from heart that that varient does that so Im guessing thats what its called. So its not an Unknown Type 2 Varient.

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