Xbox One shuts off playing IW

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

**UPDATE** It did the same thing on another game for the first time, so it must not be COD. 


Since appx 2:30pm est yesterday, I can only play about 3-4 min of COD:IW then it completely turns my Xbox One off and I have to unplug the power cord and plug it back in.  I have tried and successfully played several other games with no issues and streaming services for hours.  However, as soon as I play IW it shuts the xbox off.  Anyone else having or heard of this issue?  If so, anyone know if they are working on it?

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no, but seriously f the xbox one controller, its too big, the sticks are too small, and the triggers\bumpers are too far to reach. i give props to anyone that can play normally with it.
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Hey there.


Sorry to hear you're having issues.


Are you getting some kind of error message when this occurs? Is your Xbox system software fully up to date?



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No error message and Xbox is fully up to day.

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Same issue here once I started playing multiplayer 


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