You need to accomodate for hardcore players more

Infinite Warfare Xbox One


I'm a hardcore player! im naff at normal game modes. But you dont accomodate for the hardcore players. I got a daily/weekly challenge of getting 25 kills in TDM in 30 minutes. Thats all well and good but i dont like or play normal game modes i only play hardcore so i cant complete any of the tasks without going over to the normal game modes which i suck at. Also i went on to the leaderboards and found there was no hardcore game modes leaderboards and me and m friends all play hardcore so we cant even have that competition against each other cus once again you havent accomodated for us hardcore players. It has been that same on all the call of duties in the past.


Yes most people play the normal game modes but you still have to be a little bit fairer to the hardcore players not to mension we get bugger all game modes to play.


please accomodate for us hardcore players



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I agree with you completely. I've been playing hardcore ever since the first Modern Warfare because I hate standard core. Hardcore doesn't have enough game modes. Even though there's no kill cam, it still shows you the direction of where you died from which isn't right. 

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Nah hardcore is ass

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Yeah, hordcore leaderboards need to happen. It surely can't be hard for them to do: they already have all the stats, just need to put them on a spreadsheet view, would probably take them 5 mins if they could be bothered 

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