"Ready to Start" percentage?

Infinite Warfare Xbox One

As everyone already knows the game is massive, therefore is going to take a while to download, and I was just wondering if anyone knows if they were able to load their game up and at least play some of the campaign while it's downloading. 


If so, what percentage did it allow you?

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Hi there,...most of my buddies complained that,when they played the game whilst it was downloading they came across some issues which affected their downloads,...they played the game when it got to around 80%, the game would freeze in the campaign, then the download would start all over again(reset), they were eager to play the game and in all honesty,it wasnt suppose to do that,..my best advice for you bud, is to rather wait until the game has downloaded completed then play it,..some have had success and some did not,you dont want to download 55.6 GB again bro,...i hope this helped you in any way,have a good one.....Tip of The Spear!!

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Mine said it was ready to start at 33.7%, and ive had no problem playing it so far so dont worrie about it ! Bad thing is tho i would get far cause it will get to the point were its not downloaed yet. Hope that helped!

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 When can we play multiplayer at what percentage 

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