Game throwing on desktop

Infinite Warfare Zombies


Very disappointed by your optimization and the fact that such problems have a lot of players, which negatively affects the number of online players. I have 3 times reinstalled windows in the last 2 days. The game is launched in a magical way, right after reinstalling windows and installing drivers, but you should close it and open it again, in any mode on the screensaver the game gives an error and throws it on the desktop. I can not return the money, as I've played more than 2 hours. Also I can not play further, because of these departures. What should I do ? I'm good at computers, so please do not ask questions about drivers and windows updates, all the latest versions, Windows 10pro x64. Why should I spend a lot of time looking for solutions to problems with your game? Instead of enjoying the game process. What do we pay money for in the end? All that I found among the recommendations, this is a trivial advice on installing the drivers that are installed. What to do?  i7-7700k, Geforce 1050ti, 16gb ram, windows 10 pro. 

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