2017 September Emblem Artist Profile - B4NE CLAN

By IW_Studio on September 29, 2017
Level 8

 This month's emblem artist takes a more graffiti style approach to his emblems, ranging from symbols, flags, badges, and more! Check out the full interview for the September 2017 emblem artist of the month, B4NE CLAN! 

2015-12-31 13.47.27.jpg


How long have you been creating Emblems on Call of Duty?

I started making emblems  (and horribly recorded YouTube tutorials) on black ops 2. They were pretty basic at first, but then I learned how to bend the shapes to find "the shapes inside the shapes".


 Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

Mostly work, but I also enjoy spending time with my family, bowling, shooting and boxing.ZomboMeme28042017200148 28042017200148.jpg

Is there an Emblem you have made that you have found exceptionally challenging?

The first emblem that really tested my patience was Fidel Castro on bo2, I made it in black and white from looking at a picture before i really understood how to bend shapes. Most recently the orion emblem was a little tough. Before that I would say the sons of anarchy emblem I made on black ops 3, I wanted so much detail in the hand holding the ball that other elements had to be more basic.trooper 2.jpg

How would you describe your Emblem Art Style?

My style is kind of all over the place, most of my work is graffiti stencil-ish I guess you'd call it, which is why my latest emblem was a Banksy Rat. Being colorblind I mostly use black and white with some reds and greys.



Do you have any tips or tricks for making IW Emblems that would help someone just starting out?

"A good artist borrows, a great artist steals". I don't mean go rip off someone's hard work, I mean watch cats like BBiFoot,Vileself,N-97,goodfellaemblems, Magic Sis,etc. see how and what they do and do your best to use their example. They've all inspired my work for sure.Orion .jpg

What are your go – to Decals in the IW Emblem Editor?

Of course the Wind sock and defeat for edging and rounding, but honestly I try to experiment with all the decals, stretching and pulling them. I like to make it in a way that you can't really see what used and go "wow that's what that is?"germany.jpg

Favorite Rig/Payload to run? 

I've been using the FTL with FTL jump alot lately. Overall I love the Phantom with active camo the most I think, he's just a bad ass looking character.Gargoyle .jpg

Favorite Game mode and Loadout to run on it?

I'm an avid Domination player from way back, which is why my kd is usually really low. I'm all about the cap! Run and gun, PTFO! I try to bounce around with my loadout, but my go to is definitely the NV-4 flatline with Quickdraw, stock and suppressor, Kendall44 Cartel with auto sear as a secondary. Blind eye, Cold Blooded, and Gung-ho for perks. Big fan of the Trencher too as far as subs go.


 You can check out more of B4NE CLAN's work on Twitter!