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I dont know if this is for activision represantatives to look at but there is a serious sound bug or glitch that is really starting to annoy me and im not the only one,my friends complain about it as well.All you hear is a sort of static low pitch sound.With that said everything else from in game sound effects to no notification (by ingame voices)when the opposite team earns a is one of the most irritating bugs i've ever encountered..and i only made another account on this because the one in my system is not accessible on the PC.No idea as to why.Either way activision or treyarch have to fix this immidiately..By the way this bug is on the one and only BLACK OPS 2,for the ps3 not sure if xbox user are experiencing the same problem but this has been going on about a couple weeks now and im concerned as to what either treyarch or activision is going to do something about it.(in which they should.)If anyone can help me out with this or if they have any news.Please reply to this messege.thank you

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Re: BO2 problem

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Greetings FIX_IT,

We apologize you're experiencing this issue; we have sent this forward and are awaiting rectification. This issue is still under review, they're determining the true cause of it and will rectify it as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your concern and ensuring this is known about.

Rest assured this will be fixed as quick as possible.

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