BringtheChaos is now recruiting for all ps3 players!!

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BringtheChaos is now recruiting for all ps3 player...

BringtheChaos is a new clan created by me with few memeber due to us just starting out, we welcome anyone no matter you k/d ratio becuase we all have our bad days on this game somtimes, you are not required to have a mic but you must have some sort of communication such as a Kik account or a Call of Duty Elite app on your mobile device, both of these apps are on most smartphones. Anyways if you are in any way interested in learning more message me on here or at my Psn account- Optimus146

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Re: BringtheChaos is now recruiting for all ps3 pl...

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I'll join matey. I'm relatively new to the game though, but not online that much though....

I will be when I get my own PS3 back though, which should be around 1-3 weeks. I'm using a borrowed one at the moment though.

On FFA/TDM offline I can get easily get a Dragonfire from my scorestreaks on Hardened (As an example of my K/D roughly)

I do have a bluetooth earpiece aswell.I don't currently have a smartphone though, only downside.

PSN ID: laserdemon1 (Can't accept anyone, my PS3 isn't back yet)

Peace out, will message you soon, was looking for a clan anyway.

Cheers, - Nelaf/Nendir/Olaf

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