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COD:Ghosts ONFA Clan trials

ONFA is now accepting new member requests. This clan will be holding open trials on Thursday November 7th. all day on xbox live.

Requirements are as listed:

1) MUST HAVE XBOX 360!!! We may be branching out on ps4 come the 15th, but right now, only need apply to 360. If you are an avid player on the ps3 discussions could be made of starting a chapter, but for now, all we r playing is 360.

2) must have copy of GHOSTS. this is obvious. ghosts is the new COD. this is the biggest multiplayer first person shooter series on the market, this is also the COD forum, i did not spend 14 hours outside gamestop to get the first copy, to play on black ops 2...I coulda stayed home for that.

3) must be avid player willing to put in 24 hours plus each week. We plan on prestiging all our squad slots ASAP. ONFA stands for officially not f*cking around, and we stand by this. If you only get on an hour a week, you are not dedicated enough for our cause, TRUE GAMERS ONLY need apply.

4) Take no prisoners. I cannot express enough how important this is. last seconds of the game, we are crushing the opponent, so you figure, hey lets just go sit in this bush and wait it out, we win anyways. NEVER!!! Again, Officially not F'ing around. last thirty seconds of the game and we r winning by ten, we can make this 20. no pity for the weak, we would not expect our opponents to treat us any differently.

and most importantly...

5) no douche whiners. from what we can see ghosts clan matches are 4vs4. If we recruit 60 ppl, not every clan match will include everybody, no "how come i never get to do the clan wars' or' why is he so much higher ranked then me, i've been in longer.' obviously who is involved in clan matches will be based on players personal schedule, skill, etc. If it just happens that this does not include you, it is not a personal assault. sometimes people have to work, or take kids to school, and not everyone is as willing to put all that in the backseat for COD as i am. this does not mean you are not a vital part of the team, and can still rep the clan proudly through the night in ghosts, it only means you obviously cannot participate in all our events.

with this said, if you are ready to crush all before you and have a good time doing it, you may send us a msg on xbox live anytime.

Gamertag for all interested parties is Cincyfire2.

again, we will be on all day on november 7th. literally all day. anytime you are available send a msg, we shall party up, and take it on. if good enough, you will be accepted, if not your cup of tea, see you on the other end of my sights.

Game on.

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