Issues with ELITE concerning clans that BEACHHEAD needs to address.

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Issues with ELITE concerning clans that BEACHHEAD ...

1- Please provide this community with an ACTIVE and RESPONDING group that can help us fix issues. Just asking us questions and passing them on to the appropriate parties is not enough. This active and responding group needs to be able to actually do something to help this community. Using Twitter for assistance should not be an option. It's a poor choice of communication since you can only fit so many characters. This forum should be one of your main sources.

2- The clan roster displays BO1 emblems next to the clan members name. Why ? BO1 never had any formal clans, just a test. If anything it should display MW3 emblems next to the clan members names. Better yet display BO2 emblems.

3- When you go to Clan SHOWCASE and click on a completed clan operation it will display the wrong statistics next to the clan members name. The clan members name and the total kills or confirms do not match. They belong to another clan member. Actually the clan members name does not even appear, the clan members BO1 emblem appears next to the wrong total kills or confirms. This issue started on the last month of MW3 and still has not been resolved, it just got worse. ( This issue has been corrected to some degree but I suggest make improvements )

4- No clan titles to select for BO2 once a clan reaches level 5. This issue is part ELITE ( no option but MW3 titles ) and part TREYARCH ( no calling card for clans to select from in barracks ) There needs to be a menu selection to select clan title display as there was in MW3.

5 - Clan tags, there needs to be a menu like MW3 to select clan tag. It should display the clan tag as it is on ELITE. Currently BO2 does not allow characters in the clan tag. ELITE allows us to have characters in our clan tag yet BO2 does not allow us to display them. By having a menu to select clan tag the characters issue is resolved. ( While this issue is a Treyarch issue, there NEEDS to be better communication between Beachhead studio and Treyarch )

6- No rewards posted yet for reaching certain levels on BO2. No double xp rewards nor clan emblems. Also there is a huge gap between level 30 and 50. I find it hard to believe you have no rewards. This only tells me you are not finished with ELITE for clans in BO2. ( The unlocks or rewards have all been removed, please update us with what you are planning on doing ) Beachhead, did you give up on us?

7- All clan comments on MW3 disappeared when elite ( PC ) was upgraded for BO2. A fix needs to take place to bring those back. Also there needs to be an option to provide leaders with the capability to DELETE comments.


The comments section has completed disappeared for both PS3 and XBOX clans. This is not a web browser issue, this is an Elite issue that needs to fixed.

8 - Do not allow all clan members to enlist in clan operations or challenges. A better idea is allow there to be a co leader. Also adding an AUTO enlist feature that can be disabled by the leader would help out.

9 - Create some kind of a messaging system so the clan leader can message all clan members. Maybe a messaging system from Elite ? Don't know, but it's time Beachhead starts getting creative with this issue. Also a messaging system needs to be created so a clan leader can send messages to people who apply to his/her clan.

10 - Elite is automatically enlisting in clan operations. I have tracked this and no one is enlisting in my clan. For example, 2 clan operations show up, within 12 hours one of them will get AUTO enlisted and then about 12 hours later the next one will get AUTO enlisted. We need a fix for this issue.

11 - Many people are still having issues with the ELITE website. Unable to view applications, invite members to the clan, unable to kick members from the clan, members unable to leave a clan, and unable to view clan operations and challenges. The people who are not able to use the full functionality of your ELITE website have tried several browsers including CHROME. They have also cleared web browser history and cache. They have also updated JAVE and ADOBE Flash.

12 - There needs to be a way to UNenlist from clan operations and challenges. If someone new joins your clan and you want them to count, you need to be able to unenlist from the operations and challenges and then enlist again.

13 - Message of the day that appears in Elite needs to also appear at the bottom of the clan members menu in BO2. This option was available in MW3 and was very helpful for leaders to post the daily challenge/operation for that day as a reminder. This is a Treyarch issue but Beachhead needs to communicate with Treyarch to add this option back.

14 - Several clans have received championship clan XP when they didn't even earn the badge. Many clans are not receiving the badges they won for completed clan operations or challenges. Also several clans are receiving double clan xp for challenges. There is no rhythm or logic to this except the fact that Elite is messed up.

15 -There also needs to be a leader board system that displays the clan that won the championship badge. The leader board should also display the rest    of the clans and where they placed. The clan operations need to be monitored and reviewed.

16 - Clans that boost during clan operations need to be dealt with. You need to start deranking or banning clans that violate the rules.

17  - The clan operation badge displayed in the showcase should show the EXACT number of clans that PARTICIPATED and not the ones that enlisted.

18  - Time and Date of a clan operation/challenge should also appear on it's page when opened.

19 -  In the show case, operations display a blue measuring line under each players name. It is not accurate nor functional. Either remove it or fix it.

20 - Elite Notifications for clan leaders. Notifications should notify you when someone joins the clan and leaves the clan. Also when comments are posted on Elite a notification should show.

21 - Time zone setting should be part of the profile account setup on Elite.

22- Clan operations and Clan challenges should be displayed in their own sections when you click on COMPETITIONS. Now they are all mixed together and unorganized. When they redesigned elite, they had a menu system to select operations or challenges, then they removed it. Bring it back.

23 - Allow clan operations and challenges to be played in Core or Hardcore modes. Currently it is working this way, however make it official and post it in the description.

24-  Some clan leaders are having an issue with the clan emblem. When in edit mode it displays another clan's emblem and not the clan emblem created by the leader. Also while you are at it, add more layers and options to emblem editor.

25 - Many clans are having members NOT count in operations and challenges. These members have been enlisted BEFORE the clan operation or challenge started.

26 - Major issue that needs to be addressed with the tallying of kills and confirms in operations and challenges. Many clans will have a member or 2 that is awarded thousands of kills or confirms for which they did not earn. This is an Elite glitch, it is not players cheating or boosting. It is affecting who receives the championship badge. It is also affecting clans that really didn't qualify for their status in an operation or challenge.

27 - Some peoples gamer id will display as UNKNOWN in the clan roster. I have even seen people apply to my clan where their gamer id is UNKNOWN. Those people have tried leaving the clan and rejoining it. They have also tired unlinking their account and relink it and it still does not fix this problem. This issue needs to be fixed.

28 - Leaderboards for clans on Elite have not updated in over 2 months for the XBOX users. PS3 was working fine but recently stopped updating as well.

29 - Unable to pull up certain people on ELITE. Premium or not, you can not search their name and pull them up to invite them to a clan or even view their stats. I was able to pull these people up in the past, now I can't.

30- Provide clan leaders with the power to administer MW3 emblems. Some people still join a clan and deceive the clan leader just to get all the MW3 emblems and then leave. If you provide the leader with the power to administer the emblems when he wants to it will cut down drastically on this situation. This should not be hard to do since you gave the leader the power to administer the double xp earned by reaching certain clan levels in MW3.

31- The leaderboard for a Challenge or Operation needs to be updated. Getting LIVE updates would be extremely helpful so clans know where they are. If LIVE update is not an option then a modification needs to take place. Some clans enlist in challenges and operations but no one in the clan participates. If that is the case then it should show ( 0 ) next to each members name. Now it just shows the message " Your clan's leaderboard is being constructed "

32 - Dormant ( inactive ) clans need to be removed to free up clan names and clan tags. There are correctly hundreds if not thousands of inactive clans.

BEACHHEAD please fix these issue for all clans.

Thank you

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