Iwnet not working

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Yesterday I purchased Modern Warfare 2 and activated it on Steam.

Me and my friend tried playing Spec ops together but when we try to play online it gets stuck on “Connecting to IWNet”


This is what I have tried:

- Spoke to 2 different ambassadors. They could not solve the issue.

- My NAT type is open. 

- Retarted my Router & PC multiple times.

- Allowed Modern Warfare 2 & Steam in windows firewall, I’m not using anything else.

- Enabled uPnP in my router settings.

- Tried both WiFi & Ethernet cable


I don’t know what else to do. Since my friend has the same issue I feel like there is something wrong with IWNet.


Please let me know what else I can do.

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yup, not working. It happens with many aspects of Steam involvement. Just gotta put up with it until it starts working again......
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Nothing you can do.  Just have to wait for them to pull their head out, since they caused it, not you.  They screwed me and mine, too.  Was gonna play with my bud whose wife has cancer and they both got out of the hosp today.  Couldn't, because this thing is broke for no apparent reason AGAIN!  Hang in there--

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