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Lack of Support

By now it should be clear to almost everyone that the Call of Duty franchise is progressing for the worse, not because of the games themselves, but from changes in the expectations of the audience. I completely understand that developers want to leave the past in the past and focus on new and exciting content for Call of Duty players. When I say the older Call of Duty’s are the best games in the franchise, I assure you I am speaking on behalf of the majority of the Call of Duty audience. Reasons for the population decrease in the franchise are abundant and different for each player.

The point of this message is to ask you to continue to support older games and make them enjoyable again. It is my understanding that it would be very difficult to do so and maybe not even possible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to. My focus here is Modern Warfare 2; as I am an avid Call of Duty Player and from my research, I can tell you that this game was the most popular and will gain many players if it was playable.

Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion and many others’ was the ‘perfect’ game; all the hit detections were spot on, no delay in camera movements, connection seemed generally better than all later games, guns, maps, list goes on.

I understand that a patch would not solve the problem nor is one required but improving the condition of the game is my main concern (i.e. aim bots and modded lobbies). Doing this will bring back a large portion of players that dislike where the franchise is heading and show that developers care about not only their current title, but old ones as well.

Many of us don’t know what’s behind fixing a problem like this; therefore all we can do is ask.  I understand it may not be a profitable decision, but will earn respect and reputation for the developers and will bring back players who wish to relive the experience of the older, more enjoyable Call of Duty’s.

I speak on behalf of PS3 players only, as I do not own an Xbox, I do not know the current condition of previous titles on that system, but I would think it’s similar.

Thank You

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Re: Lack of Support

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You are right..But in last 3/4 months Call of Duty MW2 Multiplayer keeps crashing on Steam,giving me blackscreen , or it just would say "Steam must be running to play this game!".

And I am not the only one getting these errors and messages.I've read some threads from people looking for help and support because of same reason I am here.

Please , if you know how to help us ..Do it

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Re: Lack of Support

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Just keep searching for lobbies until you find a clean one. Or better yet, play Ghosts if you want something that plays well and relatively free of hacks.

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