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So I updated my friends Ps3 and signed in to play MWF2. I joined a game that had already started and the first thing I see is a bunch of players jumping in the air almost as if they were playing halo with low gravity.... Instantly, I realize this is a mod game (Modified, Hacked). I also noticed that when I killed people I got a ridiculous amount of exp. I also noticed that regardless of the kills, our score vs the other teams score was 0 to 0. To top it all off, there is a nuke that was counting down....... from 20 minutes.. So I said screw it, I am leaving this game. When I exited the game, I realized that all the guns were unlocked for me and I was a lvl 70. I thought that was really cool. Then when I try to rejoin a new game, the screen says that there are no players online in any game type whatsoever. I also have started seeing connection problems. It tells me that I have signed out, or that I lost connection to the server, or that the server crashed. I also get signed out and it says that my sign in status has changed. I have no freaking clue what that even means. I don't even play on ps3, My console is an xbox 360. So can someone explain to me why my friends PS3 is acting funny? To give you more info, we are playing wirelessly on a friends wireless network from two apartments over. I know that we have at most 40-50% chance of connection which sucks. We basically have walmart connection. I know that this would explain the lag and the loss of connectivity, but why would it tell me that no other player is online? Is that linked to the hacked game that I played. Sometimes, it will still allow me to join matches with players. It just won;t tell me that there are any players to join while searching for the next game to join. I would love to hear any and all feed back. Thanks.

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