My MW3 ideas, good or bad?

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My MW3 ideas, good or bad?

hello, my idea for modern warfare 3 is to create new maps and when it comes to making the new map packs, gamers can create a map and infinity ward choose the best 4 or 3 maps of them all, and then them 4 or 3 maps go towards the first map pack...

my next idea is paintball mode in either private match or online whatever, just to make the game a little more fun for the gamers.

my final idea is the sniping game modes, you can search what you want in the lobby for example, if to have on air support or not or to have sleight of hand on or not, abit like private match but a score limit and a time limit is the same.

tell me what you think.
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Re: My MW3 ideas, good or bad?

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