My and the communities mw3 concerns

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My and the communities mw3 concerns

I hate bothering you on twitter and I can't get it all out on there so I'd thought I'd give this a go.

I could have swore that you confirmed deathstreaks to NOT be apart of mw3 in an interview, but I think I speak for most of us when I say that is not what we wanted to see. You shouldn't reward a player thats doing bad in a game. That would be like giving your dog a biscuit after it peed on your rug. Doesn't make much sense lol because fact is if the player is doing that bad all the time, then all deathstreaks are doing is creating a headache for the skilled players, and I don't think anybody wanted them to come back. I mean Just look at comments on youtube. One thing with Black ops was the failure to incorporate alot of awesome ideas from single player campaign into multiplayer, such as a scope for the crossbow and some shotguns. In the weapon lists that i seen in videos released today, I did not see the AK74-u (fan favorite) that was seen in Single player at E3, and did not see the mp5k though it was featured in spec ops. Thats a let down since I and a lot of other players were looking forward to those weapons, and you emphasized on the mp5 and mp5k both coming back so where is it?! The Perk assassin and overkill are going to be a huge problem as well. Assassin is going to make everybody invisible since the perks in the same tier are by far inferior to assassins value as a perk. The reason it wasn't such a problem in mw2 was because people were obligated to use stopping power as a perk fearing the other player would have that advantage over them. Without stopping power (not saying it should return) people are going to use that and become invisible and therefore the Support Killstreak rewards like UAV will be useless and nobody will want to use it as much. Overkill is going back to having two primaries and you made a lot of fans happy when you said shotguns are no longer secondaries but yet it's still an option. You can't force players to read between the lines that is not right. A lot of the other perks aren't overpowered rather they are almost useless, so my idea is to split up the assassin perk into smaller more balanced perks to balance how invisible you are rather than being almost completely invisible with assassin pro. Few and no new camos was disappointing as well where are all the new ones? Besides that game looks great, hope you actually took time to read lol
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Re: My and the communities mw3 concerns

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Goddamn! wall of text! English is not my first language but even I know about paragraph breaks, punctuation, spaces, etc. It'll be easier for us to read your lengthy post and offer feedback/comments.
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