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Hey guys I know that IW is supposed to launch the new community site when MW2 comes out in November. So that brings me to the question. What would you like to see on the site??

Personally I would like to be able to see everything you can see in leaderboards. Also it should show how many kills you have with each weapon and how many times you've been killed by a weapon. If you have played halo 3 and had an account on their website the format is familiar.
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I'd like to see a traffic map, showing the most common locations people go to on all of the maps.
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Moving to site discussions.
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It will probably have stat tracking like W@W plus tons of other great improvements.
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I would llike to see a map that shows where members live. (Not to stalk, it doesn't need to show usernamesSmiley Happy )
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MOBLowDown wrote:


I would llike to see a map that shows where members live. (Not to stalk, it doesn't need to show usernamesSmiley Happy )


it might even right now, but i forget how to reach it
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i'd like to see random fact about everything,

things like how far youve sprinted and how many kills youve had on different maps and different weapons

how many ttimes youve knifed someone
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1. A More profile based experience

- By that I mean that a users profile, is more linked into other applications, uch as the game or other internet applications.

2. Stat tracking

- This is a definite "need" for the new site

3. More Organized Forums

- More organized forums, and more use of the usergroup system.

Last but not lease, a smooth transition to the new site.
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Just like but with stat tracking.

Hopefully it comes out soon
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Here is what i would like

- Better Color/Graphic Sceme.

- Vbulletin

- Allow large images , but have auto image cap so the image size is reduced but you can click the top to enlarge.

- Not to many forum categories similar to now so the community can stay active still.

- Statistic

-User group or clan groups maybe.

-Reputation/better forum tittles.

-A sligh bit of more Moderation staff

- A favicon
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