Prestige Edition coming for PC?

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Ok idk if theres another post like this cuz search came up with about 635 posts so yea...i dont have that kinda time as far as I know prestige edition is only confirmed for PS3/360 so I'm kinda sad cuz in CoD4 PS3/360 had better graphics(i.e. shinier guns/scopes) and now in MW2 I think I'm gonna change my order to normal edition cuz like it's kinda unfair for ppl without PS3/360 cuz there's no prestige edition for us like why would I wanna pay $95 for a small book of drawings and a steel case thats like $35 more than the normal version I actually WANT the NVGs so yeah I mean IW would make so much more money if there was prestige for PC cuz I would buy it I mean PS3/360 get ALL the benefits PC users hardly get any.
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Nobody knows for sure.
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