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Tactical Nuke Epic Fails MW2

My Class:

Primary- UMP45 FMJ

Secondary- SPAS-12 FMJ

Lethals- Semtex

Tacticals- Flash bang Grenade x2

Perk 1- Scavenger Pro

Perk 2- Stopping Power Pro

Perk 3- Commando Pro

Killstreak Rewards:

Harrier Strike


Tactical Nuke

Free-for-all in Wasteland: The round timer hit zero and the whole map started scrambling searching for the opportunity to make a stand for themselves and apparently, I was playing with a group of rookies that didn't get a kill until I hit someone from 100 meters. The banner announced that "EpicTexans" secured first blood. I decided to camp myself out and wait for any unsuspecting enemies to walk into my field of vision. Sure enough, there were 3 dumb-ass free-for-all'ers who didn't even notice me or each-other which gave me the perfect opportunity to earn a triple kill…I threw a Semtex Grenade at them and they perfectly "walked" into the blast radius and the kill log announced "EpicTexans" "Triple Kill!" 4-0 so far and hoping for three more dumb asses for me to kill to get that precious Harrier! A boy named "xxKilla623xx" just happened to be not moving or possibly A.F.C. (Away From Controller) (I was using a PS3, mind you.) so I decided to approach him cautiously and ended his life with a brutal Knife Melee kill which brought me up to 5 kills and 0 deaths. Somebody already had the same idea to get a Nuke because all of a sudden there was an enemy Harrier in the air which killed 3 more with it's airstrike. Next thing I knew, he took out an AC130 and started blasting everybody everywhere! He had a practically perfect 19-0 K/D ratio. I was in trouble because he was blasting the 105mm's into unsuspecting people…However I found him on the ground near the "radiation zone" on the East side of the map and ended his streak with a bullet to the head. 6-0, thankfully someone destroyed the Harrier and the AC130. I pulled out my SPAS-12 shotgun and camped at the house on the West side of the map. A really stupid player came in with a PP2000 Bling (Akimbo and FMJ) and just "walked" up to me and started spinning at a dizzying rate. I ended his fate with a Shotgun bullet to his head. The banner announced "7 Killstreak! Harrier Strike!" I called in the Harrier on the East Side of the map because the last thing I wanted was my own Harrier killing me with my own airstrike. I picked up a Double Kill, (now 9-0) then the Harrier picked off another 4, which gave me my precious AC130! I waited for my Harrier to leave and it picked off another 3 more before it left. Now I was 16-0. (BTW, the guy who had a 19-0 record mentioned earlier quit the game which kind of gave me a distinct advantage.) I picked off 8 people with my AC130! I had a Multi-Kill, Triple Kill, and a single kill. I was 24-0 before you knew it! Next thing practically gave me a heart attack because there was two guys "boosting" less than 5 feet away and I knew that any activity would trigger them to react and kill me. This guy kept "spawn killing" the same person over and over due to the other guy using a Tactical Insertion. I decided to end the "booster's" streak by throwing a Flashbang, He was dazed but I did not know that he had a motherfucking RPD, he sprayed me and ENDED MY OWN KILLSTREAK!!! I WAS 24 TO NAUGHT!!! Now it was 24-1…I was so pissed that I lost my opportunity to get a NUKE! I wished that I had shot him with my SPAS-12 but I had to throw the damn flash bang! I never used the flash bang often after that, this game became one of the best and worst memories in Call of Duty History!

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