Two fairly important suggestions

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Two fairly important suggestions

Only two things come to mind that bother me about this game currently

- Joining matches already in progress. Why, some people care about a win/loss ratio, Some players don't like joining matches where players have attack helicopters reigning down the fire on them, others care about having the highest win streak possible (myself).

Possible Solution

~Confirmation screen making the player aware the match is already started.

~Option put in the menu to not join started matches.

-Players with bad latency or latency that differs a lot from the opposing player. Players with bad internet get used to playing with bad internet. They adjust to the lag and in turn many times can be used to an advantage. I have been killed by many players in 1v1 that either teleport or have latency issues making them seem in positions they are no longer in.

Possible Solution

~Add latency difference cap. Latency between each player is calculated in the player finding process, give us the option not to play with players whose latency is far different than ours.

I know these concerns have been or are probably being discussed and one of the major setbacks of doing any of the suggested above is abnormal wait times for players with bad latency. All in all I would rather wait than to play with someone who has a unfair advantage.
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Re: Two fairly important suggestions

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MOMBA1 has already come up with fixes for these issues and it has been forwarded to treyarch via facebook and twitter...lets wait and see what happens

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