What About SWAT 4 ?????

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What About SWAT 4 ?????

With Gamespy dead, and Sierra DEAD too, who is going to support this game?? We are many players still in Swat 4 and the expansion. Activision bought Sierra, I think you have to give us at least an explanation, Or bring us a gift with the new SWAT 5 ,and stop making so many call of duty per year, there are many already.



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Re: What About SWAT 4 ?????

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There is a huge ground swell of ppl wishing that the SWAT4 master server returns so that server listings can be seen once more.

The petition illustrates some of this...in addition I have servers for SWAT4, which have been providing fun for the last 7 years & as it happens are still as popular.

I have to say there are many more Swat game specific & dedicated servers running in all modes of the game and the 2 versions..V1.0 & V1.1

Also Amazon & third prty suppliers are still marketing the SWAT4 title..needless to say those that buy will be disappointed about the MP element.

I understand business requirements, but SWAT4 is an iconic title & has stood the test of time, where other tiltles have long since disapperaed.

For your info I was referred to your Forum by "Powered by GameSpy"

I hope we can keep SWAT4 alive.

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