1V1 They keep on forfeiting.

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i'm only managing to complete about half the games I play. I kill them 5 times on the trot and then they quit. I could understand it if I was camping, but i'm a cover and move, or a run and gun type of player depending on the map.

If they quit can't they get thrown back into the game if they try to play again, at least then they would be prevented from playing for twenty seconds, because as it is I have to wait that amount of time before the game ends and I get the match bonus. Sometimes someone else gets thrown in but they normally quit as well when they see i'm leading and they have to come from behind.

If that isn't possible, why do we have to wait 20 seconds? It makes more sense if when they forfeit, game over straight away and give me my match bonus.

I have quit myself once, no excuses, but the bloke was just camping in the corner of Erosion and owning me every time i got close.

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Yup.  I joined a game of 1v1 where the score was 600 to 100 and I was losing.  I killed the guy once and he quit.  Then another person joined and after a minute or so I was winning so he quit, and I won by forfeiture. 

I'll probably give 1v1 another few games to prove itself, but it's not looking very promising.

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I really don't know why they even bothered wasting all that time and resources for a 1v1 gametype....IMO.

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Just another reason why this game modem is a terrible idea. At the very least this game mode shouldn't count towards over all stats.

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i tried 1 game. dude just sat in corners. its 1v1 is camping and hiding really needed?

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