Akimbo. I has pro idea.

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Akimbo. I has pro idea.

i has many gud ideaz:

  1. Scavenger should not work for secondary weapons (exception: overkill/overkill pro). OR...
  2. Scavenger should not work for Akimbo weapons. OR...
  3. Get rid of Akimbo. Why are they even in this game to begin with. This is Modern Warfare not Fantasy Warfare. Our armed forces personnel don't run around like madhouse escapees with dual machine pistols.

EZPZ. I don't understand why their damage (or whatever the hell the FMG9 Akimbo nerf did) was nerfed. A more permanent and effective solution can be found in any one of those three suggestions.

i so smartz.

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Re: Akimbo. I has pro idea.

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Yeah remove all akimbo...

I get having powerfull secondaries is good, so why not have the cod4 deagle, which was good, but you had to have skill. Instead they ruin the deag and have OP akimbo...

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