All or Nothing, One in the Chamber and Gun Game SEPARATED

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A lot of pepole want these gamemodes separated, because is very annoying trying to play AoN for example and enter into a GunGame lobby or One in the Chamber... please IW make separate playlists or gamemodes!

Sorry for my english...

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Black Ops did Gun Game, One in the Chambe, and etc. much better than how it is on MW3.

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even just a seperate AoN would be fine for me

everytime a AoN comes up you better bet almost everyone is voting for it from what i've seen

but i wouldn't hold my breath on it happening tho, as it might fracture the playerbase some more which they seem to be pretty worried about

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Agreed, absolute agree.  I would love to see them separate.  Call it Gun Game and Knife Fight for all I care.  I'm tired of running around knifing people, I want to play 18 Guns and 3x6 Guns all day long, then I can switch over and play mostly without guns.  I never play that mode anymore cause its called "Gun Game" and all everyone wants to play is AoN...I want to play with guns as the name implies.

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Playlist space is limited so don't expect this. I used to play this list but don't look at it anymore, the spawns are terrible, lag determines who wins AoN, the modded controllers run rampant in AoN, the "map fix" has not improved the playlist, 18 guns is too easy, 3x6 is crappy.

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