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Well some of those deaths are complete and total bs you can shoot a guy and get nothing but hitmarkers then he turns around and kills you in a second, then theres the infamous blopshooting going on. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE uses SC and even if you shoot first you'll most likely end up dying as he falls on his butt STILL shooting even though he should have already been using the pistol, not to mention the fact that its like living in the world of Wanted where the bullets curve everytime they shoot at you. I can also pull up good scores but when I shoot someone I expect them to die and if they fall in last stand they should NOT have the capabilities to continue shooting their primaries on the way down.

That being sayed I actually got on BO today and had one or two good games out of five-six games, still though MW3 and BO have nothing on Reflex

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I dunno i just dont wanna search for a hour to find a enemy going in second chance when i finally hit someone with the weird sway of the sniper.

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Btw i finally updated people, sorry that it took so long, i had a life that came in the way o.o

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Well get rid of that life then.

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MW3: 1005-6223-6268

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YO, SAIYAN IS THE 8th best Wii mw3 clan

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MW3 4655-5252-4228

BO 5135-7213-8047

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TheWiiRapeSquad MW3 0420-5178-9158 BO 4104-5239-3509

[ A i ] SilenT   MW3 0187-8390-9503 BO 3426-4003-3414

[ A i ] Mars MW3 4555-7852-4881

[ A i ] FaDeD! MW3 1732-5916-7521

[ A i ] Vampwolfy   MW3 3609-3016-6320 BO 2333-2836-1321

[ A i ] Fissure   BO 3937-3053-4709

[ A i ] Caekz   MW3 2019-4037-7400 BO 2419-4334-1909

[ A i ] Chetnik95  BO 0681-1720-9189

[eV] Porkins   MW3 4942-6617-6192 BO 5319-6697-0028

TheEpic001 MW3 3149-3860-3588 BO 3881-0479-8232

zZz Kazekiri  MW3 2807-9628-9660 BO 3345-7034-3634

ID Infinitlag   MW3 2360-6263-0176

Silent Assassin  MW3 2326-0055-2900

Durim Swe   MW3 1770-3781-6823

SiNc SkiLLz   MW3 0045-2848-7747 BO 0925-0238-5355

[DC]theVSionX   MW3 4087-1421-9680

ID Vathalan   MW3 4655-5252-4228 BO 5135-7213-8047

Pikachu   MW3 5192-4726-0255 BO 5302-7076-7429

Ajax   MW3 1713-5930-1883

Np4u NoahC92   MW3 3640-5305-4718 BO 4414-7790-2186

Ch1cag0   MW3 0584-1344-7405

SovietCookie   MW3 2740-2850-6276

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I was actaully waiting for it, since its just a list of forum members.

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Ahhh nuts, first game with Chicago and I almost got my first moab, but the whole team quit besides 1 guy with like 4 minutes left...

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