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My BO fc is 4145-8327-5627

My in game name is A i  Zephy and someone needs to update that because ID vathalan is in A i now and nintendont i totally agree with you , everything in Bo can be countered though the thing about second chance is that  even though you die , you still get that kill not like mw3 where you bring him down to last stand and you die and then your teammates gets the kill.

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Not to be rude, but that was one run on sentence. Please, periods are your friends.

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All whats missing is 1 full stop.

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0617-5975-5533 name TDG) JOHN MW3

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mw3 ? ^?

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Change my name back to [ A i ]b3aS7bLo0d please chief.

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eV!Porkin$ ~`~ 4942-6617-6192

zZzKazekiri87 2807-9628-9660

L3GIT 1205-2142-9879

Pinguino 2152-8578-0291

LethalWII 0511-9979-4177

<-TCC->Wa$p 0389-5564-9127

Fissure 0953-2752-1396

FATHER 2289-1561-5412

[MoP] Fox McCloud 1460-6356-6964

[DMC] Mace 0976-3542-4053

zZzJuggernaut65 0937-1308-1093

-::The Arab::- 0974-7679-3712

nKo*DarkFox* 2413-9767-5576

Random 951 1480-6504-1323

Infinitlag 2360-6263-0176

TheEpic001 3149-3860-3588

[Ai] bAd_GaS 2628-3184-8728

Ka0ss UberMan 3141-2473-3354

youtube/qCHRISPYq 1755-9113-1087

Revisawesome 1629-8580-7268

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Registered: ‎11-07-2012, this is a Ally Code place for a giant clan? or everybody on the forums? Whatever, count me in XD I need a good challenge

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I'll post my ally code as soon as i can remember it.

Yesterday, i went back to MW3 after like 3 months and it was quite fun. I'm guessing the fun will wear out after a week or so, but why not enjoy that week?

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It is... a miracle... religion was right...

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