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No, it's not cheating. It's these devs and their retarded hosting & matchmaking systems fault.

Besides a strict nat is far from ideal from my experience.

Next to the hosting issues, this game is all about your Ping and connection stability. The lower it's the better your experience should be. Not always the case do to over the top catering to people with below average and well below average nets. I mean if someone goes over 100 ping he should expect latency killing him. If someone has a shit (wireless) setup, he should expect to get shat on for having jitter and (well below) average ping ratings. Not according to these devs. It's insanely frustrating.

It's all so random and very matchmaking based.

I played a game where I had clear lagvantage the other day on a 4 bar. Nobody could kill me. They dropped so fast with a silenced mp7, I was amazed. I won every one on one. I killed campers pre-adsing, getting a red screen every time only to insta-kill enemies constantly. Could have easily gotten 2 moabs, died capping flags.

I would post it but I don’t have a capture card. I play with QoS limit on my upload speed to avoid hosting, if your router can do that, I would advance doing it too. My ping is still very good, I just don’t like hosting this game at all. I would play on an open nat (with the mw3 ports open) while limiting your upload speed to avoid hosting.

Adding a local lock option and 10 ping intervals instead of 25 would fix most issues, next to the host stuttering. As the game is most fair when it's 4 bar vs 4 bar ping.

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Do whatever it takes to avoid hosting, I don't blame you.

You aren't throttling your connection which to me is fine.

If a game is punishing the host for having a decent connection, avoid hosting.

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I prefer the reward system for hosting.  I loved beasting on mw2.

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I prefer the reward system for hosting.  I loved beasting on mw2.

I don't consider it a "reward system", it's how internet/online gaming works.

I support an even playing field for all players.

If the devs can perfect the host system without giving the advantage but place them on an even playing field, I'm fine with that. In MW3, that's not the case for the host.

But I don't think players who either 1 bar/2 bar as their in a foreign lobby or purposely throttle their connection should be given any advantage.

That's just not fair on the other players including the host running the match for them.

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It's easy to tell if you are host to the people saying "how can you tell?" Basically if your name moves to the top of the lobby when the scores reset between matches you are screwed and host. I back out of the lobby everytime this happens regardless of how good the matches have been because I am guarnateed a 5 and 15 game if I am host.

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