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I hear you bro...

Unfortunately CoD is an addiction, and it's no use people saying just don't play it - because you will do!

You have to wean yourself off it until you play just long enough that you enjoy it. For me, with MW3, I cannot play more than 4 games before I start getting pissed off. So I just put the controller down and do something else. I found black ops boring but it didn;t annoy me as much so I could play longer. MW2 was annoying but also more fun and worked better, so I found I could "laugh off" more.

It's a sad state of affairs that everyone on this forum knows what to do to make this game better, but no one at IW does.

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Re: Anger Management

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Work out.

Thats all

a good workout for 40-60 min will do the trick

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