Are modded controllers bannable?

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According to this video, Xbox will not ban a player for using a modded controller.  They talk about purchased turbo fire controllers and homemade. 

However, game-specific bans are possible by the developer if the developer doesn't allow them in their online play.

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Simplest answers:

Yes, it is bannable offense, if you use modded controllers online, with their rapid fire ability in shooter games.

If you're playing games with no online interaction, then that's a no.


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I pasted this here for easier reading than my last blocky response. I also changed your name for privacy.

Below you mentioned Madcatz. well of course they are not authorized to be used because they are not on the third party xbox dot com page nor on the controller page also at xbox dot com. There is not arguement there because I know they are not allowed online.

But you will notice on the 3rd party page, the HORI Ex2 rapid fire controller IS allowed online on xbox live. That is copied and pasted on page 3 of this topic. You will notice that I asked about that item directly.

I added comments in between this portion of your because it looks better than when I tried it on the forum. I bolded my parts.

YES I read your post but it didnt prove me wrong in any way. I Bolded my added responses

You are now chatting with 'Dianne'.

Dianne: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Dianne. Please give me a moment to review your question.

ghorman: I want to know if using a MS Licensed turbo trigger control online is bannable?

A Turbo Trigger Control is not a rapid fire controller. It is a modified trigger on an otherwise normal controller . You will notice that on xbox dot com they have NO Turbo Trigger Control listed.

ghorman cont ) I was told about a month ago the controllers are fine for offline play but bannable if used online because they give a clear advantage over others players.  MS currently has a few turbo trigger controllers on the market.

Microsoft has NO Turbo (rapid fire, whatever) Controllers on the market. That link shows you 8 types of controller that MS themselves have. Counting the remote.

This page has one that fires Turbo but is made by Hori. There are two REGULAR controllers made by MadKatz with no rapid fire.

ghorman: Ok thanks

Dianne: ghorman, I would be happy to answer your questions in regards to the Turbo Trigger control.

Dianne: Let me send you a link that has the Microsoft controllers that are licensed.

Dianne: Click here for Controllers

See the page with third party peripherals as well. They have the Hori Ex2 which is allowed online in gamplay. See my quotes on page 3. Notice I specifically mentioned that one controller.

ghorman: what about 3rd party controllers like MadCat they have turbo triggers

Dianne: ghorman, unfortunately it would still be considered a modified controller that gives an unfair advantage and it would be in violation of the Terms of Use agreement.

The above I know is not allowed online. no arguement there. Never said they were. The key point is AUTHORIZED controllers and these are not allowed because they are not AUTHORIZED by Microsoft. They are not on any Accesories list. Same thing with the Datel ones sold at Gamestop. At least Datel has small print telling you not endorsed authorized by MS or game devs. I never said they ever WERE allowed online . But I did say that they were not and must be AUTHORIZED controllers.

now of course a direct question about MadKatz was asked in a third chat with MS (Brady ) and came up with more detailed results. This one contradicts our previous beliefs. I bolded that part. It says a MadKats rapid fire IS OK.

Weird Huh ? The more specific the item asked the more it changes.

ghorman: I've trying to make a point on a forum about this so i want to be clear.

ghorman: Even if the controller is Licensed or Support by MS if it has turbo triggers then it breaks the Term of Use and is bannable correct?

ghorman: if used online

Dianne: That would be correct ghorman any controller that is modded and creates an unfair advantage would be bannable.

See there he mentions Turbo Triggers as MODDED controllers.. you also mention TURBO TRIGGERS. Turbo Triggers are not Rapid Fire controllers. Turbo Triggers are a modified Xbox Controller that is first taken apart and modded with a paper clip for example. But again that is not a rpaid fire controller like the Hori Ex2 which is allowed by Microsoft. and since you have to open your controller to make a Turbo Trigger then yes that is a modded controller.

ghorman: Last question.  There is a device called XIM3 which is a keyboard mouse interface for the xbox it that ok to use?

ghorman: It allows you to play FPS just like having a keyboard and mouse hookup

Dianne: We really do not support any of the third party accessories. The question you need to ask yourself is does it create an unfair advantage or is it violating the terms of use or code of conduct agreement.

Doesnt answer your question really but my Chat with Xbox states they are not very accurate and you get better control with a controller. they also state MS has no bannable policy on them but Third Party developers (like activision) will ban for using them.

ghorman: Ok thank you for your help.

nowhere above does it mention Authorized third party rapid fire controllers anywhere in your chat.

So i cant understand how you could have proven me wrong. The only conflict in our words I see are what rapid fire controllers are allowed.

All modded controllers can be rapid fire controllers but not all rapid fire controllers are modded.


Here is a THIRD chat with MS naming particular ones along with reasons why... Notice the bolded parts

Brady D: So essentially any controller that is Licensed by Microsoft would be a 1st party controller that we produce. Occasionally there are 3rd party controllers for sale that are Authorized by us, but not directly made by us.

Brady D: Does that answer your question, MYNAME?

MYNAME: So a MadKatz Officially Licenced Rapid Fire Controller would be OK to use in online play even though it is not listed on the Xbox dot com peripheral pages ?

Brady D: If it is rapid fire, it sounds like some sort of modded controller

Brady D: But any controller that is changed in a way to enhance game-play, such as rapid fire, is not permitted by our Terms of Use.

MYNAME: The key word according to what I read is CHANGED . Right ?

Brady D: Yes . Changing the design of an existing controller is a violation.

MYNAME: The discussion is of what authorized controllers would be allowed in anline play. The HORI is on your Official xbox page so assumint THAT one is OK because it has functions or firing patterns that MS has approved. But the MadKatz versions have "firing patterns" that MS would NOT approve in online play. Sound right ?

Brady D: Sounds about right. Microsoft would need to approve of something in order to make it okay & that is probably the main reason a lot of those third party controllers are not permitted

Brady D: At least in online play.

Notice a pattern here ?

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Instead of cleaning up after guests came over I went and did a fourth chat with an old buddy Conan. He helped me setup my first Xbox 5 years ago

Here is a fourth caht with an Xbox Rep. This guy Conan has been there for years. He helped me set up my Xbox about 5 years ago

Conan: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Conan. Please give me a moment to review your question.

Which was "What I need to know is how can I tell what type of Rapid Fire Controller is not a bannable item on Xbox Live in online games. I know MODDED controllers are a definite bannable offense but I am talking about Rapid Fire Controllers like your xbox dot com third party accessories page. For example the HORI Ex2 Turbo Fire is on that page."

Conan: Are the controllers wired or wireless?

MYNAME: dont have one yet. lets assume wireless

Conan: Ok well Licensed controllers are usually licensed to use our built in wireless feature.

Conan: You really don't see non licensed wireless controllers.

Conan: Unless they use their own wireless adapter.

MYNAME: But mostly I am talking about using wireless Rapid fire controllers in Xbox Live multiplayer games. Are they bannable ? and how can we tell which ones are not a violation of the XBL TOU

Conan: Well they are not in violation of the terms of use technically.

Conan: Though you can get Game specific bans for using them.

MYNAME: I do know game specific bans like MW3 of BF3 for example. I also know that modded ones online are definitely a no-no. I know the HORI EX2 Turbo fire on your Accessories page of Xbox dot com one is OK to use in online play right ?

Conan: If it is on it is fine.

MYNAME: What did you mean by Technically above...

Conan: Well you can't get an account ban for using them, but Game bans do happen.

MYNAME: Thanks alot for your help.

Now I gotta get rid of my soon to come hangover

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that video was beyond unfair. I hope he gets banned soon.

good thing Activisions policy add all rapid fire controllers to their list. Or modded. Or whatever that guy has.

Assuming its not YOU in that video

you notice that he needed that controller and he STILL lost ! He must suck REALLY bad to Rapid Fire QS

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I guess the madcatz are ok to use also since they are on the page too.

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ghorman wrote:

I guess the madcatz are ok to use also since they are on the page too.

As I said though the MadKatz ones one the Xbox page are OK to use but that doesnt mean the other 10 or so on the Madkatz page are allowed on Xbox Live. The ones on the Xbox page arent rapid fire if I remember reading them from yesterday. I just said that So We are safe from anyone assuming ALL Madkatz are allowed online.


Yeah I know Activision has the final word on it in their game. I posted that many times. I even stated that very likely no rapid fire controller is allowed in MW3. A lot of us knew this since at least when TA posted their rules. But the OP never really mentioned in what game. He did hint at MW3 for example.

I know what you meant though in you "directed" post.

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Modded Controllers are bannable. end of story

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I think I'm starting to see more and more modded con"troll"ers. I've been using semi-autos since Modern Warfare and I can tell you now that each one has some sort of recoil, even if you can reach the fire rate cap. The amount of games I've seen unrecoilable semis (MK14/RSASS/DRAGUNOV) is absolutly outstanding.

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