Are modded controllers bannable?

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AA12 is a peice of crap compared to almost any other shotty.    VERY under powered.   Got one to gold just to say i have one but I dont ever recall getting a one shot kill with it. 

and as far as modded controllers used with MK14.   It sux that people are that cheap to try to cheat like this but I think people are too quick to call people modders.   Maybe your right and it was obvious but I myself have been accused numerous times and probably even been reported for having modded controller for using the MK14 when Ive never even seen one.   Dont care to, because im not looking for one.  I cant stand sore losers who gotta report 2-3 people per game calling out modders as if they were that common.    NOT saying your one of those,   just saying gotta be a little careful in pinning blame.

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I agree with you here. There has been a few rare final kill cams that I had where the lag is so bad that I have to spam trigger and it does look like there's no recoil whatsoever. This is more evident in pistols more than anything.

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If all game players aren't on the same page with the same abilities to play the game.its naturally cheating and unfair


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