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-I dont even know what I did.

-It did not give me a reason i was banned.

-could this be a glitch or something it reset me but still says i have 1461% complete still but then again it sats im level 1.


-can anyone tell me why?                             

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Hit up support, this thread is against the CoC

"All of the following are prohibited and will not be tolerated (whether in topics, posts, usernames, or other materials in the forums):

9. ONLINE/GAME BAN APPEALING: Posts created to discuss the merit of an online/multiplayer Call of Duty game ban, Call of Duty ELITE service ban, or the alleged innocence of a banned player."

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You boosted, glitched, or did something else illegal. Congratulations on you banned well earned.

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you should be banned from the forum aswell, that opening post hurt my eyes :@

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You boosted, before you say you didnt yes you did, before you STILL think about saying you didnt just post your GT here so somebody can call you on your BS before the mods lock this tpoic

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In before thread is locked. Lol. Dude you did something wrong. Appealing on the forums is a no no. Just wait it out and play nicer next time.

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OP. the forum has always been where players claim they never cheated, glitched or boosted. then it comes out later that the person WAS doing some game violation.

Were you banned from the game for a certain period of time and then reset when you came back ? Then you did do something wrong. The policy enforcement team finds evidence before they reset you.

Just like the MS Ban Forums people claim they never did anything wrong and even curse at Microsoft and claim they never modded cheated or whatever. Then when you look at their Avatar for example it turns out to be green

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I love these threads when I need a lol. I go over the road to read why was I banned. Some of them really are funny but the best one was on here “It had to happen”

It’s just a shame it was deleted. Went to bed next morning looked it up and it was gone gutted.


Did he turn up for the 1 on1?

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lol no not been seen since!

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I saw him post on a random thread...just shook my head

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