Ban Users Of Modded Clan Tags

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Ban Users Of Modded Clan Tags

I've seen them many times this week alone I feel like I'm playing MW2. They're annoying to see and if the gamers who have them are capable of tampering with their systems, they're just as capable of cheating in the game.

Do we name and shame them here on this forum? I sure would love to.

It's really so annoying to play a serious game and see a gamertag next to a modded Clan Tag that looks like they've been paid by M&M's to advertise for them.

I know there's so much that needs to be done but the Ban Hammer needs to come down again on these douchebags. Both Console and Profile Ban would be appropriate.

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Re: Ban Users Of Modded Clan Tags

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I totally agree.

Saw one yesterday. Reported them immediately before even playing.

These are the same pr*cks who ruined the earlier (and better) CoD games.

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