Best game mode to play whilst DBL XP is on?

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It's definitely worse for some than others. I have friends with no issues, then they come over and I show them what happens with me. For weeks I haven't been able to run at a constant speed, especially with 100% movements weapons+ exc pro or when using stalker. I just slow down and speed up at will. And I'll have plenty of games where I can shoot someone with my model and wait 1-2 seconds to see if I actually killed them. The same thing happens with reloading a lot. Lag is very real for some people.

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If you're good, SnD.

1k per kill and plant.

If not Dom.

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*2k per plant

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OP Search & Destroy is really the best game mode for DXP if you are good at that game mode.

1000 per kill

2000 per headshot

2000 per bomb plant.

But what it really comes down to is what you are the best at. Kill Confirmed is another high scoring game if you are collecting tags and getting yours back if you die.

Personally i like playing infection during DXP. The games are fast ( 5 minutes long ) and good XP. 100 per kill, 100 for being a surviovr and 900 per kill if you are infected. i average about 15 kills per round of infection and it Totals up the XP fast.

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I think groundwar kill confirmed with specialist is probably the "max" as there is plenty of killing/tags to be had and specialist adds up the points so much quicker than assault, unless you are some kind of COD god and contiously get high killstreak rewards.

Drop Zone is underrated for double xp, here's why:

(1) While holding the drop doesn't get you XP, it does get you care packages that DO get you XP.  Some times lots of XP.

(2) Don't forget the match bonus, which if you (a) win and (b) stretch the game out long (till withing 1 minute of end) and (c) get a good amount of kills and/or SCORE, can add up to a really good bonus... 3-4K point bonuses for a match like that are normal and I've had them over 5K.  That's in addition to the XP you already earned on those kills/assists.

(3) Some care packages just RAKE points, and you get them frequently.  Case in point:  the recon drone.  100xp per paint, 40 per assist.  Get in one in Dome, it's a XP printing machine.. hover in the middle, spin around, tag people left and right.  I've had 20+ assist matches with Recon drones. 

Pave lows are another point getter, especially against randoms as many don't bother to shoot them down.

(4) the "secret" XP getter in Drop Zone... shooting down the helicopters/planes that drop the care packages.  Are you good with a stinger?  You can feast on them playing DZ.  Just don't be too douchey and shoot them down BEFORE they drop their cargo.  Oh, and I think if you waste 6 in a row they stop coming.  So let one through every now and then.

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Thanks for everyone feedback!

I played some SnD and got raped by campers and modded pad users, so I wont be playing that agian!

I played some dropzone and damn XP for days (Double xp + double xp from prestage token, do I need to say anymore?)

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Quad XP and recon drones are solid gold.

Just don't forget.. you need to WIN the DZ match and also have it EXTEND to near the end of the game time (game time is a multipler by fraction in the formula... if game ends 50% the way through, it reduces that portion of the equation by 50%... so you want game time to be as close to 100% as possible).

Best way to do this is play with a party and have everone on the same page about strategy:  build a big lead early, then go play TDM until time is nearing the end... then cap the game for the win.  Don't let time expire.. win the game.  Oh, and when playing TDM make sure to clear out the DZ when held by enemy and to "touch it up" for a few seconds and then jump out.. that way you can get packages, but not run up the score too early.

Just sayin...

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search if youre good. Kill confirmed if not.

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