Best machine pistol in MW series?

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For me, hands down, the Raffica. I have never had any secondary that i liked more than the raffica from MW2, that goes for any FPS. I believe that it would have been a  great counter to the akimbos in MW3... thoughts? what is your favorite machine pistol or secondary in the MW series?

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My personal favorite was the TMP BUTTTTT, the best were the G18 akimbo in mw2 and the FMG akimbo in mw3

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The Raffica was also my favourite, but I suppose the most effective would be the G18 and FMG9 as Dedge points out. 

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it's hard to beat the Raffica. It played it's part perfectly for me, It was my pistol at close range and a more reliable smg for long range due to it's recoil.

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