Blind eye and Assassin perks

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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Do you know if Assassin or Blind eye can counter Advance UAV

( Imagine its like a Blackbird)? Also there is the recon drone so

we dont know if taggin a person can be countered by these 2 perks?

The least we can expect Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer to fix these

perks by the players demands. The last thing I want to clarify is that

these perks take up the 1st and 2nd slot leaving them to defend

themselves with the 3rd perk ( which usually arent that OP).

Guys come on we kicked ( I dont know if Im allowed to use the word ass) butt

against the noobs that used cold blooded in mw2 and ghost in BO.


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Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

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As far as I know, no perk counters AUAVs, but CUAVs and scrambler grenades do. Recon Drones' tags last for 45 seconds or until the enemy is killed (so I've heard), so it's no real counter. Additionally, Dead Silence is the green perk in the Blind Eye, Assassin kit. It's too much, it's too OP, it makes the user too god damn stealthy. After the travesty that was (is) Ghost Pro, I find it embarrassing that this perk combo will exist.

Everyone praises IW for splitting CB up, but what's the point if the 2 offshoots aren't in the same perk slot to balance each other out? Furthermore, don't look a perk change because it's never happened before (2nd Chance doesn't count, because the perk wasn't actually changed when it was patched). And we kicked "butt" against the noobs that used CB in MW2? CB wasn't a problem in MW2 because Stopping Power balanced the red perks out -- if you wanted to be hidden, you had to sacrifice extra weapon damage -- that's no longer the point.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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I think it's completely unfounded at this point to complain about Assassin and Blind Eye. It's also completely off base to compare Ghost Pro in Black Ops to Assassin and Blind Eye in MW3. Both very different games with different balance.

First of all, there are more options for killstreaks in MW3 in the way of Strike Packages. Obviously, Specialist will have no UAV. Since Assault Strike Package kills "chain", you're likely going to see the ever present and popular Predator to start the chain. Lastly, with regards to Support, the UAV is at 4, and since that streak persists through death, the player will have to "get through" all their streaks before it resets and goes back to the UAV. I also imagine a lot of people will run higher things in the Support Package like Ballistic Vests, Stealth Bomber, and Juggernaut.

In Black Ops there were no options and because killstreaks don't chain (count towards the next), so people rarely risked the higher killstreaks. Ultimately, Ghost became overpowered not because of what it was, but because UAV spam (from Hardline) because so prevelant.

Personally, I consider myself an above average "veteran" and I do not use Ghost in Black Ops. I use Hardline and Flak Jacket mainly, and sometimes run Lightweight. Considering you can shoot down a UAV in seconds or throw up a Counter, I find Ghost pretty useless. Hardline Pro is awesome in Black Ops (Especially with a Care Package) and Hardline Pro and Blast Shield Pro will be even more epic in MW3. Those will be my choice perks for Tier 2 and I will probably run Blind Eye Pro so I can shoot down UAVs even quicker.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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If you love hardline pro in black ops then sorry but your not an above average "veteran" player. Well maybe just about average. And i love that hardline in MW3 is in the 2 tier slot. Inexperienced players will use it which make the UAV still useable

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Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

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What kind of assanine comment is this? Because someone uses Hardline they are not a skilled player? What? Because they have one less kill to hit their killstreaks they are knocked down a notch as far as skill? This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have read on these forums.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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Good topic. However, I think spy planes will be less powerful than they are in Black Ops and, therefore, less frequent. This is partly due to the balancing of kill-streaks and performance of the game's engine.

First of all, the kill-streaks stack in MW3. This is what deterred many, including myself, from using spy planes in MW2. Many people will be aiming for the higher kill-streaks like the predator in the assault class. Also, in the support class who would want to use UAV if you are allowed to die in between kills/points to obtain a strike package? Why not go for the better, higher strike packages? Most people using the support tier will not be using UAVs and believe me, a LOT of people will be using this tier because it's the easier of the three.

Second, the game's engine allows for players to easily shoot down spy planes with ARs and even SMGs. One of the most accurate guns in Black Ops, the Galil, still makes it difficult to shoot down a UAV with bullets. Have you tried shooting one down in black ops with a gun? It's pretty tough. Why bother? Just use Ghost. That's why you have so many Ghost users in Black Ops. However, in MW2, I can hold the trigger to a UAV and nail just about every bullet, easily shooting it down. In MW2, it never crossed my mind to use Cold-Blooded because UAVs were never a problem for me.

This game looks to be balanced pretty well. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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This question was put to Rob Bowling and he said the splash from explosives when using recon will show assassin users up but who is going to use recon perk ? we all know in blops people abused ghost, blended in with the enviroment and used a silencer. What is the point in playing a game if you cannot move around !!! i strongly suggest silencers be disabled when using assassin and blind eye perks.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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I don't remember this much complaining about perks, especially something like Cold-Blooded back in MW2, then again I might be wrong.

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Blind eye and Assassin perks

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I would be more concerned with Hardline

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