Bored of MW3 ?

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I am pretty bored of MW3, i was 10th prestiage at XMAS now i am just doing random crap to have fun. If you have 4 good teamates and you dont care about kd you should try PA.

I have a video showing how fun pa can be.

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I won't have to worry about hackers and glitched when I have $200.

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What me and eckon did :

pa and when there is a moab, we ragequit since one of us is always the host ( mostly eckon )

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in reply to silentshotnl1

It really saddens me to see you guys are buying a new console just because of COD.

Seriously, there's BETTER games out there.

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Like Mario

But seriously, people should play games other than CoD and FPS.

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Maybe sell some of your hacks to make the money quicker and move on to another console. If you leave the wii for the xbox then the collective IQ of both the wii and xbox communities will go up instantly.

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